Is muscle boost safe?
Yes, muscle boost is safe and harmless. The ingredients of the tablets are 100% natural. All ingredients are controled before they are aplyed in the tablets.

Are their side effects?
No, as long you follow the prescribed dosage you wont have any kind of side effects. At the most your lust for sex will increase.

The herbs and their effects

Yohimbine provides more power, stamina and muscle buildup.
It helps you to get rid of problemzones that wont go away with diets and training.

L-Argenine is an aminoacid that gives your muscle growth a temporarily anabolically stimulative.
It helps with muscleforming and fatburning in the problemzones and makes the body make more creatine.

Epimedium stimulates the body to produce the testosterone hormone.

Ginko Bilboa has a blood vessel widening effect that results in a better blood flow for muscles and organs

Catuaba stimulates the central nerve system, so that your mood will be positively influenced.
It will increase your stamina and fights exaustion

Niacine (vitamin B3) blocks the production of a number of proteins in the bloodcells
The cells that produce growth hormones will then have more energy for making those hormones

Tribules terrestris extract influences the growth of the muscles and will give you energy.
Clinical research has shown that Tribules terrestris raises the production of Testosteron with 30% to 50%. Testosteron raises the protein synthesis (anabolic working), which leads to muscle expansion and power increase.